what Caused Marisa Ramirez and Nathan Lavezoli to break up?

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The following is a biography of an American by the name of Nathan Lavezoli.He is a male American who is known for marrying and divorcing an actress by the name Marisa Ramirez known for playing melitta in the movie Spartacus. It was from marrying her (Marisa Ramirez) that he gained popularity. People say you can never end up with someone you met when you were young. Nathan Lavezoli breaks this myth that people have built up in their minds by getting married to Marisa Ramirez for 9 years before they divorced. He got married to Marisa Ramirez in 2002 and then got divorced in the year 2011. It is said that they will find their way back to each otherís arm in due time. For the nine years they were together they were not blessed with the gift of a baby something we all want when we get married. Nathan Lavezoli and Marisa were lovers since they were in college so what happened that made these two love birds to go different ways. Rumors say that he might be the father of baby Violet Rae Marisa Ramirez child. It is highly doubted that he might have fathered that baby because they believe that if the baby she was carrying was his she would have not kept it as a secret to him if they were once a happy couple. It is funny that many people expect Nathan lavezoli to be very famous because he was the husband of a celebrity but the case is different since this guy does not even have a twitter account. Rumor still has it Nathan Lavezoli will still get back together with his ex-wife Marisa Ramirez since they all believe that they were meant to be.

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