10 Facts about Janicza Bravo (Brett Gelman wife )

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Janicza Bravo is still a fairly new face in the entertainment industry, but she is definitely making waves. She's probably not as well-known as she should be, here are ten facts to help you get to know Brett Gelman wife better 1. The child of two Latin American immigrants, she was born in New York City but lived on a military base in Panama City to the age of 13. 2. She got her start writing and directing short films. Her first film was released in 2011, titled "Eat", a story about a woman locked out that meets a very odd neighbor. 3. Her first film ironically starred her--at the time--future husband Brett Gelman 4. Three years after her directing debut, she was named one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film." 5. Her short film "Hard World for Small Things" was inspired by the death of her cousin. While visiting from Panama he was strangled to death by police in a case of mistaken identity 6. In 2016 she directed her first feature film, Lemon. 7. She is a graduate of NYU, where she majored in directing and design for theater 8. Her short film "Gregory Goes Boom" was inspired by a blind-date she witnessed, seeing a paraplegic man on a date with an obviously distraught beautiful blonde. 9. "Gregory Goes Boom" also was her only film to win an award, in 2014 it one the Sundance Film Festival, Short Film Jury Award: US Fiction. I can assure you it will not be her last. 10. She's met her current husband, Brett Gelman while working on a New York lotto commercial of all things.

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