Here is everything you have to know about Melissa Rauch husband Winston Beigel

Here is everything you have to know about Melissa Rauch husband Winston Beigel  - eltalk pages


Winston Beigel

20 February 1979



Melissa Rauch

Screen writer,movie director

married to Melissa Rauch


Winston Beigel born February 20, 1979, is famously known for being the husband of American actress Melissa Raunch, who plays Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in the CBS sitcom series Big Bang Theory.In his professional career, Winston Beigel works exclusively with Hollywood directors, writing and producing. His most famed work was ‘The Condom Killer,’ which Winston Beigel co-produced and co-directed with his wife, Melissa Raunch, who also stars in the film along with Kirsten Miller, Jamison Haase, Josh Brener, and Jackie Greary. Released in 2009, ‘The Condom Killer’ is a short film about a man named Connor Domus, who also goes by the nickname Condom. The film follows Connor as navigates his seemingly perfect life, only to come to the realization, upon the untimely death of his mother, that his life was destined for more than perfection. As Connor becomes more in touch with his darker persona, he begins to lose his identity. He becomes entranced in a love affair with his desire to protect the innocent and his thirst to kill. Once the newspaper caught on to his antics, and they began to label Connor as the ‘Condom Killer,’ all Connor can do is watch in horror as his once-privileged life crumbles in shatters before him. winston beigel and melissa rauch Winston Beigel said that he had a lot of fun shooting and producing the film with his wife. In 2016, the pair co-produced another film ‘The Bronze.’ In which Melissa Raunch stars as a gymnast Hope Ann Gregory, in the drama/comedy sport’s film, detailing the events the lead up to and years after her outstanding Gymnastics performance and sacrifice on the U.S. Team. With Hope’s bronze-winning finish in the tournament, she brought honor and fame to her little town of Amherst, Ohio. The film highlights the struggle Hope must endure, as her fame dwindles and she is forced to refind her purpose in life and become an adult. When Hope is commissioned to train Amherst’s newest Gymnastics star, she becomes hit with a sizeable dose of reality. The film also features Haley Lu Richardson, Gary Cole, Thomas Middleditch, and Sebastian Stan. The husband and wife team are working together on another film, ‘The Miss Education of Jenna Bush. Winston Beigel and his wife Melissa Raunch Winston Beigel and Melissa Rauch welcomed their first child together December of last year. The joy of their new baby was almost overwhelming for Winston Beigel and his wife, as the couple revealed on Twitter, that earlier on in their marriage they had lost another child to a miscarriage. In his personal life, Winston Beigel is a very private and secluded person; choosing to spend much of his free time writing, then in the spotlight with his wife. In college, he and wife Melissa Raunch attended the same school, Marymount Manhattan College, where Winston Beigel received a writing degree. When he and Melissa Rauch got married in 2007, he decided to skip tradition and changed his last name instead.

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