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The Story Behind Miles Cooley - Here is what you should know about Tamara Taylor ex-husband

The Story Behind Miles Cooley - Here is what you should know about Tamara Taylor ex-husband - eltalk pages


Miles Cooley



Tamara Taylor (divorced)


Ex-husband of Tamara Taylor


Miles Cooley an Entertainment Lawyer who is also known for being the ex-husband of Tamara Taylor.His life story is something that may touch the hearts of many. He was born in 1969 to a troubled 17 year old mother.They lived somewhere in Midtown Sacramento Neighborhood in Sacramento, California but he is not sure what street it was exactly but he thinks it was Q street.His parents were never together maybe this is due to the fact that the mother of Miles Cooley was white and his father was black,during that time people were not so accepting of the interracial dating and they were also teenagers. a photo of Miles Cooley and his ex-wife Tamara Taylor before they broke up His mother would leave him for days this was because she was playing with a group of bikers who were into drugs.One day when Miles Cooley was just 5 when he was returning home,he saw his mother laying on the floor dead from drug overdose. His father Mr Robinson was a drummer who wasnít capable of taking care of him,his grandmother also wasnít able to take care of a child.Miles Cooley was adopted by one family but it didnít work out. He was move from one Forster home to another.He said he doesnít remember having a lawyer to represent him during this period.He then settled at Sacramento Childrenís Home. Sacramento Childrenís Home Although he didnít have parents a school psychologist named Leslie Cooley was always there for him.She would take him skiing and sometimes she would take him fishing. Because at this time Forster care for children ended as soon as they reach 18 Leslie Cooley adopted Miles Cooley.She then change Miles last name from Robinson to Cooley. Miles Cooley went to Berkeleyís school of law.He is now one of the top entertainment attorney and he also represents children in need . Miles Cooley and his ex-wif Tamara Taylor In 2007 He got married to a Canadian actress Tamara Taylor.Their marriage ceremony took place on a beach in Mexico.Sadly it didnít workout between the two so they divorced in 2012. Miles Cooley and Claudia with  their son Enzo Cooley Miles Cooley is now married to Claudia and they have a son named Enzo Cooley who was born late 2016. the son of Miles Cooley Enzo Cooley

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