Who is Dana Grady?Here is everything you need to know about Joe Flacco wife

Who is Dana Grady?Here is everything you need to know about Joe Flacco wife - eltalk pages


Dana Grady

24 February 1985



Joe Flacco

married to Joe Flacco


You may be asking yourself who is Dana Grady?If so we are here to answer all those questions for you.Here you will find everything you may want to know about the wife of the American Football quarter back Joe Flacco.You are going to know all about her family education and a lot more. Back in the year 1985 Daniel Grady and Deborah Grady gave birth to a baby girl named Dana Grady on 24 February in the state of New Jersey,US.She has got three siblings ,a brother named Zachary and two sisters named Lisa and the other named Sara. For her higher education she went to Audubon High School.It was at this same school where she ended up meeting her future husband joe. We believe that She met Joe in their senior year at high school.Dana Grady and Joe Flacco then dated for about 7 years before they finally got married in 2011 in Haddon Township in New Jersey. After about a year of marriage she gave birth to her first child,a boy named Stephen Flacco who was born in June 2012.On September 15 2013 She gave birth to another baby boy whom they named Daniel Flacco.In January 2015 she had her third baby who was a boy again and they named him Francis Flacco.Just a year and a half later in September 2016 Evelyn Flacco was born this is the only daughter of Dana Grady and her husband.In April 2018 the couple had another baby boy and they named him Thomas Flacco.

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