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10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Gay

10 Celebrities You Didn

They crushed your heart, not because in reality you never had a chance, but because in that .001% you would meet, your celeb crush wouldn't be interested in you no matter how attractive you are to the opposite sex, they're just not attracted to the opposite sex at all.Here are 10 celebrities you didn't know were gay. 1. Zachary Quinto Of Heroes, Star Trek, and American Horror Story fame, many women I know loved Syler and never expected the actor that played him was gay. 2. Connor Franta The YouTube sensation came out to the world in 2014 in a video called "Coming Out", released on, obviously, YouTube 3. Keke Palmer The singer, songwriter, and actress is probably more bi-sexual than gay 4. Sarah Paulson Another American Horror Story cast member. Even she couldn't make Season 3 suck less. 5. Amber Heard Probably to Johnny Depp's surprise, she came out in 2010, Johnny Depp is her ex-husband. 6. Gus Kenworthy Add an Olympic Silver Medalist to the list 7. Jodie Foster The mother of two and Silence of the Lambs star is married to Alexandra Hedison 8. Holland Taylor By far the most "veteran" actress on this list 9. Rob Halford No one would expect Rob Halford of Judas Priest to be gay. Well, he is. 10. Jim Parsons This one didn't surprise me, but surprises a lot of friends. Also, just an excuse to include something Big Bang Theory related.